The academic writing field has become a challenge due to various factors that make it difficult for learners to write good quality articles hence choosing to buy an essay on

Linguistic resources

Linguistic resources refer to the ability of a student to have a good choice of word when writing an article. Grammatical errors have been a major problem when writing because most of the learners do not know how to use the correct tenses and punctuations. Students need to understand the use of certain grammatical patterns.


Plagiarism has become one of the main challenges in academic writing because most of the written information is obtained from other resources. A few sections of an article comprises a person’s thinking. Therefore, in the process of summarizing ideas from other sources, students end up assuming that the ideas are obvious and fail to paraphrase them accordingly.

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An example is a case whereby you buy your essay online only to find it difficult to change the perfectly placed ideas. However, the online writing services provide quality work, and a student can buy an essay without plagiarism hence making it easy for them to paraphrase the ideas.


As well, feedback is made to enhance the thinking abilities of a writer rather than intimidate them or mock their work. However, many people find it difficult to accept feedback because it acts as a discouragement to the hard work that they had done. Some of the students decide to buy an essay to avoid the hard task of writing. Therefore, writers should be made aware that feedback assists a person in the development of better ideas and makes them understand a topic better as compared to a situation whereby there was no feedback.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is one of the main challenges that is facing the academic writing field because not every individual has the critical thinking skills necessary to come up with a quality article. Critical thinking determines the manner in which a writer articulates ideas by shaping a text to sound intelligent. In addition, critical thinking helps students who chose to buy an essay online in summarizing the ideas hence avoiding cases of plagiarism. It is a socio-cognitive practice that covers both the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of a person. A lot of training has to be done to ensure that students can think critically when writing their articles.

Authorial voice

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The authorial voice comprises of an expert’s and self-voice. The self-voice is characterized by personal ideas that have been included in the article while the expert’s voice includes the ideas that have been borrowed from other authors. An article should have a balance between the two. However, the challenge comes in when writers fail to incorporate their thinking into the article but rather chose to use ideas from other authors. This does not make a quality article. A writer can overcome this challenge by deciding to buy an essay writing service whereby the writers are experts at writing original ideas. The article could act as an example of the use of self-voice.

Linguistic resources, plagiarism, feedback, critical thinking, and, authorial voice play a substantial role in writing and ought to be incorporated in the writing programs to ensure that learners can write quality articles. The faculties should educate students about the solutions to the various problems. As a result, learners will be able to overcome the challenges one at a time. You can also choose to buy an essay now from online companies to evade these challenges.

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